When the leather industry enough developed, the pollution of air and water increased and the stage reached where scientists started thinking on making better use or reuse of material which caused pollution keeping in mind the economical factor else no industrialist would accept the change. Special emphasis has been laid on use of low waste technology with minimum possible expenditure and maximum quality production because it is natural for any industrialists to resist a change unless it is likely to give better quality production with least expenditure. Pollution is given the last priority by them whereas we give it the first priority.

At GAR we have our effluent treatment plant and rain water harvesting plan. Also connected to common effluent treatment plan, R.O Plan.

The chrome is used in the processing of skins in which 65% is consumed during the process while 35% goes waste. The presence of chrome in the discharged water of tanneries is hazardous for public health as its excessive use can cause severe skin diseases. To minimise the danger we have water treatment plant to purify water to its maximum possible level.

We believe to contribute in safe and healthy environment.

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